Thing Eight: Google Calendar

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This was another tool I hadn’t used before. I found it very straightforward to use since it was similar to the calendar function in Outlook which I use most days at work.

The best thing about Google Calendar is, of course, the fact it can be accessed from anywhere. If I had a smartphone, then I can see that being incredibly handy.

At present I tend to use Outlook for recording work events and a paper diary for recording non-work events. Although if a work event involves me needing to go to a different location or be somewhere in the evening then that goes in the paper diary too. On the whole this system works fine although the occasional thing does trip me up when it’s only in one place and not in the other.

I appreciate that Google Calendar could help me streamline that a little bit but, sadly, I’m not sure I’m a busy enough person to justify the effort!

I have added some friends’ birthdays and wedding anniversaries to Google Calendar though since these sorts of recurring events are, naturally, where a yearly paper diary lets you down.

I was interested to see some examples of how libraries use Google Calendar and thought Ithaca College Library’s use of the Google API to push Google Calender data to their library homepage was particularly ingenious. Particularly the fact that the opening hours are accompanied by a photo of the reference librarian on duty! Nifty.


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