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Unfortunately, despite starting with the best of intentions, I didn’t make it beyond Thing Five in last year’s 23 Things for Professional Development. I’m glad there’s a round 2 this year. It gives people like me the chance to pick up where we left off (and also see what’s changed in our approach to professional development since last year). And hopefully lots of new people can get involved and learn new things!

Professionally, things have changed for me since I wrote about Thing One last year. I left my library job at the University of Oxford last week and later this week will begin working as an Assistant Information Specialist for the NHS. I’m a bit scared about this next step, to be honest, but I keep reminding myself of all the new skills I’ll learn!

I’ve also just finished the taught part of library school at UWE and am about to begin my dissertation.

Hopefully, both the start of my dissertation and the start of my new job will feed into my 23 Things experience.


OK, let’s get the shameful confession out of the way first of all. Last year I started  the Oxford 23 Things programme, but lost enthusiasm and momentum around about Thing 9, and didn’t complete the programme. This was partly because many of the early Things covered familiar ground, and partly because no one else at my library was participating.

Nevertheless, I think the 23 Things for Professional Development looks worthwhile so I’m determined to have a go. I may even make double figures this time!

I’m still working at Oxford University, and am also attending library school part-time. Library school has made me more aware of the direction I want my career to move in, and also given me some of the theoretial knowledge I know will be of use in the future.

I see professional development as being something above and beyond what I’m learning at library school, though. It’s tough to ‘teach’ this … because everyone in my class will have their own idea of how they want to develop and why, and because it needs to be self-driven.

I’ve taken positive steps to engage with other library and information professionals, both in person and online. I’ve met my local CILIP group and am just back from the New Professionals Conference 2011 (where Helen Murphy‘s paper gave me the final nudge I needed to get Thing-ing.)

In terms of the 23 Things, I’m looking forward to Thing 15, as I hope it will give me some ideas about how to get the most out of conferences and seminars. And Thing 17 may help me finally understand the mad world of Prezi.

And this time, I may even persuade some people at work to join me on the journey! And I shall also endeavour to find other people at Oxford who are participating, and make sure it feels less of a lonely journey than my last trip down 23 Things lane.