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Like last year, I found the Delicious list of cpd23 participants more helpful than the list of blogs on the cpd23 blog.

It made me smile to see how many other people are having second go at cpd23! We can do it this year, guys. Right?!

As discussed in Thing One, I’m about to move into the health sector, so I filtered the Delicious list to just show me blogs by information professionals in this sector. I found Lucy Librarian’s blog a cheerful, positive account of moving from library school to a health library.

And I was very struck by this – I think all the comments show that I’m not the only one who found it a thoughtful, insightful blog post about overcoming the fear of having an online presence.

I’m trying to remember to add any interesting blogs I find to my Google reader, so that I can keep updated with all these interesting people and views.


I used the Delicious tags created by the CPD23 team to see who else was blogging about their professional development. The short answer – absolutely loads of people! It was excellent to see that so many people have become enthusiastic about this programme. I did find it a bit overwhelming, though.

I chose to look at bloggers who said they worked in HE libraries in the UK – like me. If there had been a smaller pool of people, then it would have been interesting to look at participants from different sectors and/or different countries. Perhaps I will do this at a later date.

I also focused on people who’d included the phrase “23 things” in their blog titles, as this suggested they were people who’d set up blogs specifically for this programme, and weren’t necessarily experienced bloggers.

What did I learn? Well, I found I wasn’t the only person who has previously given up on a 23 Things programme. Which is a comfort. I also found that many people’s Thing One blog posts were much more concise and to-the-point than mine was! I also liked reading The Neon Librarian’s reflections on Thing Two. I share her feelings of having previously been a lurker, rather than a participant in other people’s blogs.